The Memoirs
John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was a very popular American president. Whole forests have been cut to publish the hundreds of books written about him, his presidency and his times. Here are but a few links to information sources that were pertinent and enlightening regarding the historical investigation into his life and death for this book.



The Last Investigation, Gaeton Fonzi
The Assassinations, Probe Magazine, Edited by James DiEugenio & Lisa Pease
Brothers, David Talbot
JFK and the Unspeakable, James Douglass
Choosing War, Fredrik Logevall
Rush to Judgement, Mark Lane
Plausible Denial, Mark Lane
Last Word, Mark Lane
JFK and Vietnam, John Newman
Operation Overflight, Francis Gary Powers [Curt Gentry]
American Tragedy, David Kaiser
The Other Missiles of October, Philip Nash
Perils of Dominance, Gareth Porter
An Unfinished Life, Robert Dallek
One Minute to Midnight, Michael Dobbs
J. Edgar Hoover, Curt Gentry
The Life and Times of Joe McCarthy, Thomas Reeves
One Hell of a Gamble, Fursenko & Naftalil
Ho Chi Minh, William Duiker
Breach of Trust, Gerald McKnight
Corruption of Blood, Robert Tanenbaum
Before the Storm, Rick Perlstein
A Glorious Disaster, J. William Middendorf II
Ultimate Sacrifice, Lamar waldron & Thom Hartmann
A Thousand Days, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
The Bureau, William Sullivan [Bill Brown]
Crossfire, Jim Marrs
Our Man in Mexico/Winston Scott, Jefferson Morley
Mafia Kingfish, John H. Davis
The Death of a President, William Manchester
Ho Chi Minh, Jean Lacouture
Ho, David Halberstam
Robert Kennedy and His Times, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
The Twilight Struggle, William Atwood
The Echo from Dealey Plaza, Abraham Bolden
The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell
Flawed Giant, Robert Dallek
Seven Days in May, Knebel & Bailey


Vitual JFK / The Movie
JFK, Oliver Stone
Seven Days in May, John Frankenheimer
Dr. Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick


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